Humphrey the Egg-Splorer


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A beloved children’s tale expanded—Humpty Dumpty has been around for generations and some of the first stories that children learnand Humphrey the Egg-Splorerexplores what happens after Humpty’s in famous fall.

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Humphrey has long known the cautionary tale of his grandfather, Humpty Dumpty. Being an egg means he can easily slip and crack at any time . . . but what does that mean for his dreams of becoming an egg-splorer and going on grand adventures?

But Humphrey is determined, and he’ll do whatever it takes to become a brave adventurer—even if that means putting himself through the fieriest trials to get there.

Inspired by the beloved nursery rhyme, author Nadia Ali and artist Valentí Gubianas deliver a rollicking story that expands the famous tale of a fragile egg to a new story about bravery, creativity, and forging your own path.

About the Author

Written by Nadia Ali,illustrated by Valentí Gubianas.

Nadia Ali is a children’s book author. She writes fiction and nonfiction picture books. Her stories range from funny to fanciful to factual. She was born in London and currently resides in the Caribbean. When she is not writing she can be found in the kitchen whipping up a super sweet dessert.

Valentí was born in Navàs, Catalonia. He studied at the Massana School in Barcelona. He published his first book in 1995, written by Elena O’Callaghan. He has illustrated books for many publishers, both children’s and young adult literature and textbooks. He worked on murals in schools, libraries, and live shows. So far,He has worked with most of Spain’s publishers ,such as Penguin Random House Spain, Planeta Group, SM Group and also several others from around the world.things in the dirt in hopes that they will grow.

Additional information

  • Format: Jacketed Hardcover
  • Pages: 40
  • Size: 8.2 X 10.6
  • Price: $17.99
  • Age Range: Early Readers ages 4 to 8, PreK-3
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2023
  • ISBN: 9781953458575


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