Long and Friends, Dragon Plush Toys

Cute Eastern and Western dragons to bring you cuddly companions with a love for cultural differences.



“Long” means “Dragon” in Chinese. Eastern dragons do not typically breathe fire. Instead, they are known as “water spirits” and are believed to be the rulers of water, such as rivers and seas, and able to summon rainstorms. Long and friends, cute Eastern and Western dragons plushies will bring you cuddly companions with a love for cultural differences. 

Hi, I’m Helen H. Wu, I’m the publisher of Yeehoo Press, and the author of LONG GOES TO DRAGON SCHOOL, an uplifting picture book about, Long, a Chinese dragon who struggles to breathe fire in his Western dragon school. Working together with dragon friends, Long discovers his unique talent and finds his own path. These cuddly Eastern and Western dragon plushies celebrate perseverance, self-acceptance, and cultural differences. 

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These cute dragon plushies help children and adults alike navigate the world with a sense of compassion and caring, bring huggable toys to play together with families and friends, and serve as a kind reminder to discover your own talent and find your own path. As a new mother being fascinated by the differences and similarities between cultures, I love to create and share stories that can empower our next generation to understand the world and our connections, and to celebrate self-acceptance and cultural differences. 

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The plushies are already designed by the talented team at Yeehoo Press, and are made with high quality fluffy materials. Please choose your own and unique reward and spread the words. My kids, families, the whole Yeehoo team, and I appreciate it very much for your support and love. Let’s make this plush toy happen together!


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Long Dragon Plush Details : From horns to his feet, Long is X” tall and he sits X” wide. For materials, we’ve selected ridiculously soft high grade faux-fur for his body. His feet and horns are made from soft plush material and include durable embroidered accent stitching.

Mia Dragon Plush Details:


In addition to the plushies, we’re offering some special dragon items that are only available via the Kickstarter, including pins, stickers, and bookmarks!

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If base funding is reached, these stretch goals will start unlocking at the noted amounts. They include extras such as free stickers, free bookmarks, new dragon friends in plushies and pins, and fun accessories!

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TEAM (Images)

Helen H. Wu – Creator & Publisher

Molly Shen – Art Director

Siqin He – Manager

Hugo Huang – Logistics Manager


Yeehoo Corporation is dedicated to creating fun, enchanting, and socially responsible children’s books and products for readers and customers around the world and to promote the positive growth and development of children, with two divisions, Yeehoo Press (yeehoopress.com), an independent children’s book publisher, and Yeehoo Media (yeehoomedia.com), a multimedia E-Commerce platform. Translated from Chinese, “Yeehoo” means peaceful and harmony.




Shipping costs are not included in the pledges! This will be calculated after the campaign is over to prevent miscalculations. Any custom taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. For international backers, please note that you’ll be responsible for any customs/VAT fees that may incur. UK/EU backers, please note that VAT fees are not included, and you may need to pay additional customs fees when the package arrives in your country! ALL orders are shipped with a tracking number. Domestic orders can take up to 3- 7 business days to arrive. International orders can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. 

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There is minimal risk for everyone involved. We here at Yeehoo Press are confident in the prototypes construction and quality. The book and the plush sets have been in development for over 2 years prior to the launch of this campaign. The book has already been finalized by the date of the campaign, and it is outstanding. The plushies and other toys have been designed, prototyped, and ready for mass production. The only real challenge we face, the biggest one, is prejudice: but we can overcome that together! Together we have scoped the project so that it’s fully manageable with no major unknowns. There are always surprises, but we have built flex time into our schedule so that we don’t promise more than we can deliver. All-in-all, we are supremely confident that we can get the plushies made and into the hands of our supporters in a timely manner, and at a quality level that we ourselves would expect for cuddly, professional companion dragon plushies to a gorgeous children’s book. Many thanks to you for helping make these cuddly dragon friends real. Thank you! Helen and Yeehoo Team

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